Reasons why your dog sleep so much and how to prevent it

Photo by Huma Kabakci on Unsplash

It’s common for dogs to sleep through the night, and many dogs even spend a lot of the day sleeping. Although we humans are used to the concept of sleeping when it’s dark, we find it a little strange how often our dogs sleep during the day. Why are dogs sleeping so long, anyway?

Reasons why your dog sleep so much

It is considered normal for dogs to spend about 50 per cent of their day sleeping. Another 30 per cent of the day is spent “resting,” when the dogs are busy, just around 20 per cent of the day. This is pretty natural for carnivores—the lions spend 18 or more hours a day sleeping and resting! Many dogs sleep if there’s nothing else to do. Since they don’t have laptops, jobs or homework, sleeping is usually the best way to spend long, tiring hours.

How long your dog can sleep depends on a number of factors. Puppies and elderly dogs are likely to spend more of their time resting. Overweight and ill dogs will also sleep more than healthy dogs. Certain breeds are predisposed to sleep further.

We all know that the hours and hours of snooze can also be a sign of a problem. Many illnesses and age-related issues can result in a change in sleep patterns. Stress and separation anxiety can also manifest in extra daytime snooze. A dog sleeping 12 or more hours a day is not a cause for concern in most cases. This is just natural! But owners should be mindful that excess sleep can also be a sign of future issues, and it is best to speak to your vet when you have these questions.

How you can prevent oversleeping of your dog

Dogs don’t go to the office for 9 to 5 job, and they don’t have to attend school either, so it’s normal for them to be bored and lonely all day. Mix a long, lonely day with hours of human sleep, and it’s a long time for your dog to sleep every day! If it seems like your dog is sleeping away from his life, wonder what else he has to do with his time.

The easiest way to help your dog stay awake and engaged throughout the day is to use jigsaw toys. From super-easy (rolling treats inside a towel or an egg carton) to high-tech, puzzle toys help keep your dog busy throughout the day. Checking in on your dog using a dog camera will help you check whether you’re playing or missing puzzle toys.

There is also an option to make your dog’s day more fun with midday dog walks and longer exercise sessions in the morning and evening. If you notice that your dog is sleeping even if there’s something better to do, it might be time to get some help.

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